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The Drama Continues with ATI Procharger!

As of October 26th, 1999, no response was forthcoming from ATI concerning my queries on the lack of advertised vs. real performance of their specified product. I then emailed yet another message to ATI late this date and informed them that I would be contacting the New Mexico State Attorney General's office and that I had free and open access to business and governmental attorneys at my place of work. Further, I informed them that I would take much pleasure and personal satisfaction in sharing this experience with the world on the internet.

ATI now found it possible to call me early the very next morning at work. The highlights of the conversation are as follows:

Lets take a vote, is this a giant load of crap or what?

To make bad matters worse, one of my friends sent an inquiry asking ATI to respond to a set of questions on the D2 model. The inquiry specifically stated NOT to send any brochures or ATI advertising materials, just answer the questions. Now what did ATI do? ATI sent advertising brochures and propaganda without answering a single question concerning the performance of the D2 model. It has been my experience that ATI is very conservative when it comes to written specifics requested by a customer.

I will be responding to ATI's proposed remedial actions in the near future. Following this futile attempt, I will post up some of the very correspondence that I have sent to ATI for your reading pleasure and amusement.