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Track Records

Date: 04/25/99
Track: Albuquerque National Dragway
Conditions: High winds, rain, extreme cold temps
Notes: First runs with new blower cam and fuel system
modifications. All runs made using 12lb pulley,
however, it only produces 4lbs of actual boost,
no intercooler, and 118 race gas

click on the pass to see the timeslip

  Pass 1 Pass 2 Pass 3
Notes: First run on new
set of slicks. Off
the trailer with no
Increased timing
some popping.
10psi in slicks
No traction
Wav file of this
pass (203kb)

Set timing back.
9psi in slicks
No traction
Warmer air
Reaction Time: .265 .188 -.037
60 ft: 1.434 1.754 1.643
660 ft: 7.352 7.567 7.254
E.T: 11.557 11.807 11.372
MPH: 116.190 115.364 118.120


trailered burnout staged ouch