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History Part V
The Story of the Ultimate Nova continued

The car sat for a long time during this period. Dad (me in background) working on tub With the boost we had in mind we knew the leaf spring/slapper bar setup was not going to cut it anymore. Alston Chassis works supplied us with a beautiful ladder bar setup with koni coilovers and mini tubs, and the car was sent off to a friends for the install. For over two weeks the car was in the shop, the install meticulous and tedious. The back half of the roll cage was redone with extra bracing. New frame rails were installed. Dad and I spent many an evening helping with the install.

We had the suspension now, but what to do about the blower? After much research and deep thought, a call was placed to LaRocca's performance. There we picked up a new D3M kit pullied for 10psi of intercooled boost at elevation. The fun was only starting! This kit was a MAJOR improvement over the 1200BR. The brackets actually lined up and bolted on without much fuss. Some modifications were required however. ATI's steering relocation kit did not work, no way no how. It was ditched in favor of a manual steering box. The blower went right on, but required a hole to be cut in the hood and a move to manual brakes so the massive K&N filter would fit. The beast was on! But what to do about the fuel system?

There was no way the BG carb was going to handle a blower this big. We deliberated between a carb shop carb setup or EFI. The carb kit would require a new intake, two carb shop carbs and a special enclosure to equalize the boost. There was still no guarantee it would work. I spent weeks on the internet researching EFI and finally found a setup that offered everything we needed. The speedpro EFI was fully user tunable, supposedly easy to install, and came with everything needed. The kit was ordered with wide band O2, and we had our intake sent off to be drilled for injector bungs and fitted with fuel rails. MSD injectors, a new distributor, and a Coast High EFI spyder 90* elbow completed the kit.

Most of the installation was pretty straight forward. However, when it came time to hook up the ignition and then actually tune the car, things got very complicated. Stay tuned for the full EFI story, comming soon!